Spedo UK Ltd


In all areas of business, some manufactured products are bought because they are the cheapest or by necessity have been heavily discounted. At Spedo they are conscious of the need to be competitive with purchase pricing, however their main concerns are for the longer term and the costs of the equipment over its complete life cycle, not only the on-going maintenance but also the cost of downtime.

BFH Services are the Australasian agents for Spedo and we are very proud to represent their name down under. We believe in the Spedo design philosophy of affordable quality backed with industry proven reliability.

Spedo range of products

Spedo UK’s product range features high quality, robust and dependable equipment designed and tested to meet today’s demanding applications.

All of their products are designed in-house to incorporate the latest developments in electronics, such as digital control processing to increase accuracy, speed, flexibility and reliability.

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For further assistance or information on Spedo UK’s range please contact us or follow this link to the Spedo website