FlexiGroup New Zealand Ltd


FlexiGroup NZ Ltd offer a range of solutions enabling you to purchase or lease new machinery with a variety of payment plans and contract terms to suit all budgets.

Why Chose an Operating Lease

Flexirent Operating Lease

An Operating lease is ideal for business customers who know the importance of having the latest technology. With a Flexirent Operating Lease you can put your cash to better use and keep up with technology.

  • Cashflow friendly
  • Tax deductible for business use
  • More options end of term
  • Quick & Easy approvals

Conserve your cash

With Flexirent Operating Lease you are not restricted by your available cash or credit card limits. No deposit is required. Simply pay the first monthly rental payment in advance. Put your cash to better use in your business.

Pay for equipment as you use it

Why pay for equipment years in advance? Pay for the equipment as you use it and improve your cash flow. Choose the rental term that suits your needs and budget. You can lease equipment from $500 over 1 to 5 year terms.

The flexibility to upgrade to new technology you are able to future proof your business technology needs. Avoid the hassle of being locked into owning and disposing of outdated technology. Gain the benefits of using the most up to date technology when you need it.

Increase your purchasing power

Affordable monthly payments allow you to obtain the solution that best suits your business needs. The fixed monthly expense makes budgeting easy.

Early trade-up

With Flexirent you can choose to upgrade to new equipment before the end of your agreement. The process is fast and easy. Just call us on 0800 444 827.


Why Chose Lease to Own

Flexirent Lease to Own

A “Lease-To-Own” agreement is suitable for assets that have a long usable life and retain their value.

  • Cashflow friendly
  • For assets, software and services that have long usable life and retain their value
  • Asset & liability – interest and depreciation claimed as a tax deduction
  • Quick & Easy approvals

Pay for equipment as you use it

Flexirent Lease-To-Own is available on 3, 4 or 5 year terms. Choose the term that suits your monthly budget and spread the lease payments over the productive life of the equipment. The longer the term, the lower the payments.

Increase your purchasing power

The affordable monthly payments enable you to obtain the solution that best suits your business needs. Up to one third of the total cost of your solution can be costs such as software. Even installation, training and extended warranty can be included in the agreement.

Tax deductible for business use*

With Flexirent Lease-To-Own you can typically claim tax deductions on depreciation and interest.

*Contact your tax advisor for more information.

Quick & easy applications

Call 0800 444 827. Applications are processed over the phone in ten minutes.



Why Chose FlexiLine


FlexiLine is an approved line of credit provided by FlexiGroup. A FlexiLine credit facility is the ideal solution for customers whose on-going technology requirements exceed $10,000 annually.

With FlexiLine your business will enjoy the following advantages:

  • No establishment fees or on-going charges.
  • No hidden surprises at the end of your agreement that will disadvantage you or trap you for an extended period.
  • FlexiLine provides the flexibility to easily and seamlessly upgrade to better equipment during the term of the lease – whether you have multiple items and only wish to upgrade one item, or whether you need to upgrade most of your network.
  • Bundle all your IT and technology equipment, software and installation into one FlexiLine agreement*.
  • Simplicity. Documentation is in plain English and all transactions are processed quickly and easily.
  • Asset reporting. Reports can be provided detailing assets by equipment type, agreement start and expiry date.

Better cash flow

Put valuable capital to better use in your organisation. Flexiline enables you to smooth the cost of acquisition and conserve working capital.

More than doubles your purchasing power

Compared to using the same annual budget to purchase, the FlexiLine facility enables you to obtain equipment worth more than double the value.

Choose from Operating Lease or Lease-To-Own finance and monthly or quarterly payment options.

For further assistance or information on FlexiGroup NZ products please contact us or follow this link to the FlexiGroup website .