DSB CW-4500 Combination Binding Machine


DSB CW-4500 Combination Binding Machine

The DSB CW-4500 Combination Binding machine is one of the top line consumer electric binding machines available. German engineered, the CW-4500 gives you a superior binding solution that will effectively make all you binding jobs a lot simpler. A user friendly designed coupled with a flexible operating system, this is truly the market leader for electronic operated combination binding machines for commercial and large office use.



  • Punching capacity: 32 / 34 holes wire – 20 80 gsm sheets & 19 / 21 plastic holes comb – 25 80 gsm sheets
  • Binding capacity: O – wire: 5mm ~ 28mm (250 sheets) & Plastic comb: 6mm ~ 51mm (500 sheets)
  • Paper format accepted: A4, letter
  • Operation: Electric punching and manual binding
  • Edge guide: Adjustable for A4, LTR
  • Punch Depth: 2 settings – 2.5mm/4.5mm – plastic comb
  • Machine Dimension: 460mm x 550mm x 230mm
  • Net weight: 20.2 kg


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