Spedo 2300 Forms Cutter

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The SPEDO 2300 high performance forms cutter surpasses the boundaries of continuous forms processing whilst improving the flexibility, accuracy and reliability demand by today’s applications.

Rugged build quality with proven components designed for the hardest working letter and print finishing shops.

The SPEDO 2300 uses the latest generation of Spedo’s well proven control system. This system has now been refined and expanded to provide spare capacity for the users every need.

O.M.R., O.C.R., Bar Code Reading, External Speed Control, Systems Interface, Time Management and Internet Access.


Why chose the Spedo 2300?

  • Outstanding flexibility for operator programming, i.e. line feed choices of 1/6, 1/8, 1/10, 1/12 and 1/16th plus metric sizes and A4.
  • Cut for lengths 1/16th inch minimum to 13 feet 10 inches long maximum.
  • Strip cuts or chip outs in multiples of 1/16, 1/12, 1/10, 1/8, or 1/6th.
  • Enhanced job programming and multi formatting with maximum 10 different form lengths before repeating combining all line feeds and chip out sizes.
  • Choice of 30 pre programmed jobs as standard. Machine all electronic.
  • The blade is driven by a servomotor not an electro-mechanical clutch.
  • Three motor drive. One servo for paper feed, one for blade function and the third motor for margin trim drive.
  • Servomotors and drivers have proven reliability, manufactured to special order for Spedo.
  • Electronic control chassis mounted on rubber to resist the effects of vibration.
  • Adjustable feet and forms counter fitted as standard.
  • Splined tractor shaft for maximum accuracy.
  • High speed shaft bearings are sealed ball race type and the tractor feed shaft is  fitted with a center bearing to maintain alignment.
  • Heavy duty powder coat.
  • Special functions, i.e. no blade operation where the cutter is used to pull forms for inkjet application without cutting.
  • Pause and batching.
  • Sleep mode and variable speed Margin Trim Drive for longer blade life.
  • Choice of Kick-out roller or strip cut plate, both to Health & Safety Standards.
  • Low power consumption, reducing carbon footprint compared to other cutters.



Form Depth      2-up Form Single Cut      

  • 12″                      46,080
  • 10″                      51,480
  • 8″                        57,240
  • 6″                        65,760
  • 4″                        77,280
  • 3″                        85,680



Paper Format

  • Paper Weight     40 – 300 G/M²
  • Form Width        90 – 520MM
  • Form Depth        1/16″ – 166 1/2″
  • Margin Trim        10 – 25mm
  • Strip Cut            1/16″ – 1 1/2″


Key Features

  • SYSTEMS INTERFACE for in-line applications.
  •  FOUR PLATE FOLDER for all fold configurations.
  •  14″ FOLD PLATES for increased flexibility.
  •  HIGH SPEED folds up to 46,000 2-up forms per hour.
  • ADJUSTABLE INFEED for total fold accuracy.
  •  ROLLER SEPARATION for ease of cleaning and removal of paper jams.

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