Spedo 6400 in-line Folder

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The Spedo 6400 is four-plate folder, designed and built to run in system with your Spedo Cutter.

The 6400 is capable of folding up-to 46,200 2-up forms per hour, and can be adjusting ‘on the fly’ if fine tuning is needed.

The fully integrated solution for On-line Cut and Fold Operations.


Key Features

  • SYSTEMS INTERFACE for in-line applications.
  •  FOUR PLATE FOLDER for all fold configurations.
  •  14″ FOLD PLATES for increased flexibility.
  •  HIGH SPEED folds up to 46,000 2-up forms per hour.
  • ADJUSTABLE INFEED for total fold accuracy.
  •  ROLLER SEPARATION for ease of cleaning and removal of paper jams.

Click this link to view Spedo 6400 Spec Sheet

Flexigroup This product is available on Flexirent or Flexiown payment plans.

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