Equipment Servicing & Repairs

Spedo-In BFH Services has been built on over 25 years of fault finding and repair experience. This experience has been obtained by getting our hands dirty, solving and repairing problems in the real world.

Because of this we understand that time pressures and budgets are all concerns that must be addressed as much as the actual machine faults themselves. In the real world nothing cost like down time, whether it’s in a production workshop or in an office environment; If the jobs aren’t going through or paper work is being held up, it can be a real nightmare. That’s why we endeavour to give all our customers the quick response they deserve. Your equipment is as important to us as they are to you; after all they are our lively hood as well.

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Business Machine Repairs

Fellowes quasar Question: Why choose us to repair your business machines?

Answer: Because we actually want to fix them, that’s what we know.

In a production workshop machinery needs to be kept running, It can’t simply be thrown out and replaced when it breaks down. This environment demands a high level of diagnostic and fault finding skills to find problems and fix them on the spot. We bring this philosophy to all our jobs, if your machine can be repaired “on the spot” then we will do it, we actually enjoy fixing things! If it is not cost effective to repair the equipment then we can discuss and alternative but this will always be our second option.

You can rely on us to look after your business machines such as Paper Folders, Mail Inserter, Guillotines, Pressure Sealer, Laminators, Binders and Shredders. We have experience on most of the common brands such as Fellowes, Ibico, Uchida, Ideal, Dahle, GBC & Kobra.

We are based in Auckland and carry out in-house repairs in Auckland & Hamilton.

Some common machines are listed below.

Guillotine Repairs

  • Dahle Guillotine
  • Fellowes Guillotine
  • GBC Guillotine
  • HSM Guillotine
  • Ideal Guillotine
  • Ledah Guillotine
  • Dahle Guillotine
  • Premier Guillotine

Coil Binding Machine Repairs & Wire Binding Machine Repairs

  • Fellowes Binding Machine
  • GBC Binding Machine
  • Ibico Binding Machine
  • RENZ Binding Machine
  • Rexel Binding Machine
  • Jastex Binding Machine

Thermal Binder Repairs

  • Powis Binding Machine
  • Powis Parker Binding Machine
  • Unibind Binder
  • Winbind Binder

Paper Folders & Inserter Repairs

  • Neopost Si-30
  • Neopost DS-70
  • Neopost DS-68
  • Fpi 500
  • Fpi-600
  • FPi-700
  • FPi-2300
  • FPi-2700
  • FPi-4500
  • FPi-4700
  • Uchida F15N
  • Uchida F30N
  • Uchida F43N
  • Pitney Bowes Folder
  • Superfax PF220
  • Ledah-230
  • Polyfold

Shredder Repairs

  • Dahle Shredder
  • Fellowes C-220 Shredder
  • Fellowes C-320 Shredder
  • Fellowes C-380 Shredder
  • Fellowes SB-99 Shredder
  • Fellowes SB-89 Shredder
  • Fellowes SB-87 Shredder
  • GBC Shredder
  • HSM Shredder
  • Ideal Shredder
  • Ledah Shredder
  • Dahle Shredder

Laminator Repairs

  • Fellowes Galaxy Laminator
  • Fellowes Saturn Laminator
  • Fellowes Jupiter Laminator
  • Bio-330 Lamiantor
  • Ibico Laminator
  • GBC Laminator
  • GMP Laminator
  • Jastex Laminator
  • PEAK Lamaintor

Please contact us or simply fill in our on-line service request form by hitting the link above.

Maintenance Service Contracts

With some equipment or situations, it can be worth looking into a “Service Contract”.

Our service contracts offer pre-arranged servicing and preventative maintenance work which we carry out on regular intervals. This strategy can greatly reduce the occurrences of costly breakdowns and off course, downtime. If faults do occur then a guaranteed call out time can help relieve the anxiety that they create.

Please contact us to see how we can help you.