Please see below for answers to the most common questions we have put to us. If you can’t find a suitable answer to your query, please contact us here. Thank you.

Servicing & Repairs

Q – How do I make a service request or enquiry?

A – Simply fill in our On-line service request form or contact us using details on our contacts page.

Q – How long before someone contacts me back?

A – In most cases we will come back to you with-in a couple of hours but no longer than 24 hrs.

Q – How much will it cost?

A – For all on-site service calls inside the greater Auckland area it will cost $130.00 + GST. This includes travel and the first hour labour. For off-site repairs the charge will be $95.00 + GST for the first hour, plus any freight charges incurred by us.

Q – That’s fine but how long will it take to repair my machine?

A – When repairing business machines (Binders, Shredders, Folders e.t.c) we find most jobs are completed inside 1 hour. If the job looks like it will take longer or require replacement parts we will confirm the cost with you then or supply a quote before further work is carried out.

Q – What if I’m not in Auckland?

A – If you’re not in Auckland or the repair is not urgent then you may like to send the machine to us. Also we have contacts in Wellington and Christchurch whom we could pass your details onto.


How To – video guides

Below you will find links to some general maintenance and cleaning procedures for the Welltec range of equipment. Please contact us if you require any further advice on these videos.

Infeed Cleaning Rollers – Polyfold, Officemate & Postmate V

Folder Roller Cleaning – Polyfold, Officemate & Postmate V

Folder Roller Cleaning – Postmate 3 & Postmate 6

Press Roller Cleaning – Polyfold, Officemate & Postmate V

Press Roller Cleaning – Postmate 3 & Postmate 6

Infeed Jam Removal – Polyfold / Officemate & Postmate V

Infeed Jam Removal – Postmate 3 & Postmate 6