Supplier Links

Here you will find links to our supplier’s website. Please feel free to browse these pages for further information on their products and services.


Spedo UK Ltd

Manufacture of equipment for Continuous Forms processing.


FP – Francotyp Postalia

Supplier of Mail Handling equipment.


TwoFold Mailing

Manufacture of equipment for paper processing and mailing.


Kobra Shredders Australia

Kobra Shredders Australia are the sole and exclusive distributors of Elcoman (Italy) and Data Security Inc. in Australia and New Zealand; Elcoman is one of the largest paper shredders manufacturers and is a specialist and leader in the area of High Security and Top Secret shredders of paper and optical media for Governments around the world.


Nexus Corporation Pty Ltd

Nexus Corporation Pty Ltd is based in Perth, Western Australia. They are a supplier of used and re-manufactured equipment and spare parts for a wide variety of prepress equipment including Image setters (CtF), Computer to Plate (CtP), RIPs and other equipment related to the Printing and Prepress industry.