Shredder Consumables

Kobra Shredder Oil
We supply special lubricating fluid essential to optimize the cutting performance of your “A” & “B” Class paper shredders.
Regular oiling will also help to prevent jamming and “head fries” that are expensive to repair. The fluid is supplied in 1 litre plastic squeeze bottles.

Shred Waste Bags
We supply a range of custom manufactured heavy duty gusseted shred waste bags in a size range which suits all shredders, especially “A” & “B” class machines that produce small, dense and compacted particules.
Our bags are supplied in lots of 50. Please contact us to advise the make and model of your shredder in order to obtain a quote for the appropriate sized bag.

Extended Warranty
Kobra shredders come with a 2 year warranty on the cabinet and machine function, and 10 years on the cutting heads, subject to normal operation and regular oiling with a Kobra approved oil. This warranty can be extended for an additional year for the investment of approximately 10% of the value of the machine; please enquire for a quote.

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